Mental Health and Addiction Counselor

Kelsey Phillips

Born and raised in Southwestern Ontario, Kelsey moved to the Peterborough area and graduated from the Drug and Alcohol Addictions Counsellor program at Sir Sandford Fleming College in 2014. As an addict living in recovery and Mental Health and Addiction Counselor, Kelsey brings both an informative educational and lived experience background to VW. With her passionate ambition surrounding harm reduction and a client-centered approach, she’s helped guide clients with their journey through recovery while demonstrating empathy, insight, and compassion.

Developed and facilitated by Kelsey, the 5-week Addiction Recovery Sponsorship Program at VW assists clients living in active addiction work through the recovery process by covering topics such as stages of addiction and harm reduction strategies, while helping individuals gain the necessary tools to transition home after the program and establish a relapse prevention plan.

Her charismatic and lively sense of humor helps reassure clients of the comfort and warmth during their stay and progress at Victoria Wellness. When she’s not developing new ways to widen the recovery world, Kelsey’s interests include napping, hockey, and anything that’s loud, fast, and with a motor.