Psychotherapist and Clinical Director

Roisin McIlwee, MSW, RSW

Roisin is a Master of Social Work, a Registered Clinical Social Worker (BA, Hons., MSW, RSW) and Psychotherapist. She is a member in good standing with Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, as well as the Ontario Association of Social Workers. Roisin is our trained EMDR therapist and our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapist.

Her love for the magic of healing and recovery cultivated a long list of post graduate trainings, with hundreds of hours of post-Masters training in modalities such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Certified Sex Addiction Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Psychodynamic Theory and Body Work as well as the Gottman Method. Roisin also spends countless hours researching interventions such as Cognitive Processing Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Humanistic approaches – including Client Centred, Gestalt methods and Existential Therapy. She incorporates holistic or integrative methods when needed, and utilizes evidence based protocols when needed. The priority is always ensuring that Roisin delivers what would best help her client.

Roisin believes that the body holds all of our memories and pain – AND – it also holds the key to doors that appear to be closed. Once the mind has been trained to rest, Roisin’s passion is to facilitate the restorative connection between mind and body.

During her travels to the Himalaya’s of India, Roisin received over 60 hours of training in the art of yoga and meditation where she deepened her skills of restoring the mind and body – a practice she incorporates daily into her own life.

When people experience things such as trauma, loss, abuse, neglect, or invalidation of any form, it can have a tremendous impact on both the inside and the outside. It can seem as though things feel stuck somehow, confusing, disconnected, lonely or unfulfilled. It can also seem that the best attempts to make, improve or repair relationships don’t have the outcome one is striving towards.

Roisin works in a gentle, compassionate and non-judgmental way to help restore balance and connection to the mind and body. Once balance is restored, relationships – whether it be with self or others – begin to improve. Restoring connection creates a life of fulfilment and meaning.