Our Team

Mission Statement

To provide exemplary care through leading-edge and specialized treatments in the field of mental health.


Vision Statement

We strive to model an all-encompassing approach to recovery. We focus on people as a whole – mind, body, and spirit.



Creativity in a merge of leading-edge, evidence-based, and holistic care interventions. We are responsive to the changing needs of our clients.


Acceptance of everyone’s existing struggles and obstacles. We know that people think and feel the way they do for very good reasons.


Compassion drives our highly skilled team to serve our clients with empathy, respect, and dignity.


Innovation to improve engagement, integration, and quality of care.


Recovery in that each person can enter and experience the journey of healing and transformation.


Collaboration with each client, recognizing that all people can determine and achieve their goals.

Meet the Team!

Our Team

You can get better, and our professional team is here for you. Our staff includes a  Physician , Psychiatrist,  2 Registered Nurses, Registered Psychologist, Registered Psychotherapist, Register Master Social Worker, Registered Social Worker, and Registered Addiction Counsellors


Roisin McIlwee MSW, RSW, Clinical Director at Victoria Wellness

Andrea Connell, Director of Holistic, Reiki Master, Eco Therapist

Martine Guay Psychotherapist Professional Art Therapist

Martine Guay, Psychotherapist, Professional Art Therapist

Philip Leadbeater, Occupational Therapist

Victoria Wellness Mental Health Treatment Centre LOGO

Antoinette Chimienti, Client Service Manager

Ksenia Usenko RPN, Nurse Coordinator

Ksenia Usenko, RPN Nurse Coordinator

Trevor Fehr, Neurofeedback

Jennifer Collett Holistic Therapist & Group Counselor

Jennifer Collett, Holistic Therapist & Group Counselor

Kelsey Phillips, Mental Health & Addiction Counselor

Tara Carpino Mental Health & Addiction Counsellor Yoga Instructor

Tara Carpino, Mental Health & Addiction Counselor, Yoga Instructor

Kalyssa Matheson B.A. Hons. (Psych), Residential Counselor

Kalyssa Matheson, B.A.Hons (Psych) Residential Counselor

Victoria Wellness Mental Health Residential Treatment Centre

Charlen Hoyle, Residential Counselor

Fiona Gibb B.A Residential Counselor

Fiona Gibb, B.A. Residential Counselor

Kristin DeHaan Residential Counselor

Kristin DeHann, Residential Counselor

Victoria Wellness Mental Health Residential Treatment Centre

Michelle Stacey, Residential Counselor

Executive Chef Brien McGurgin

John O'Leary Red Seal Chef at Victoria Wellness Mental Health and Wellness Center

John O’Leary, Red Seal Chef

Victoria Wellness Mental Health Treatment Centre LOGO

Nadia Gjorgjijovski, Administration & Accounting

Victoria Wellness Mental Health Treatment Centre LOGO

Anthony S., Maintenance & Building Operation

Victoria Wellness Mental Health Treatment Centre LOGO

Joe C., Maintenance & Building Operation

Dr. Darren Ezer, Ketamine Specialist

Laura Boyko – Clinical Social Work and Therapist, BA, MSW, MEd(c), ACC

Patti White R.N., B.A. CPMHN(C)