Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is the leading cause of burn out for many professionals including first responders, child protection workers and medical professionals. We understand that PTSD can have a dramatic impact on the lives of those who are struggling, and that it can look different for each individual.  Our clients come to us with a variety of symptoms related to PTSD, including sleep issues, panic, pain, substance misuse, hyper-vigilance and negative moods.  With our support, you will begin to build the distress tolerance necessary to face the distressing events in your past.

Skill-Based Programming

Our approach to treating PTSD is multi-faceted.  Clients are encouraged to engage in various treatment approaches that we offer.  Each client is assigned a highly skilled, Master’s level trained psychotherapist, with expertise in trauma.  Individual sessions are offered three times a week, and this is where complex emotions, flashbacks, emotional suffering, and family/relationship issues are discussed. In addition, clients attend one to two psychotherapy group sessions per week, where they have an opportunity to use creative means, such as art, clay, and paint to work through intense emotions.

We believe it is also very important for those suffering from PTSD to engage in skill based programming, and to learn more about trauma and how to manage their symptoms.  As such, we offer skills groups with an expert group facilitator and a Social Worker, up to three times a week.  These groups focus on better understanding trauma and the brain/body, building coping mechanisms to deal with stress, anger management, relationship skills and understanding and managing addiction.  Through these programs, as well as our outdoor/ecotherapy activities, clients are able to successfully address symptoms of PTSD and achieve long term results.

Our Individualized therapeutic assessments are designed for each residential client

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