Ketamine Therapy

What Does Ketamine Assisted Therapy Treat?


Ketamine-assisted therapy is used to treat PTSD, Addiction, and Depression, and to treat Anxiety, which often leaves people caught in a tangle of confusing and painful emotions.

The antidepressant effects of treatments in our KITE program can have a positive effect on the stress response, traumatic memory, and physical symptoms of trauma. A recent study showed 75% of participants experienced improved mood four hours after their first session.

Ketamines for depression can be a useful alternative for “treatment-resistant” depression. For some, traditional treatments just don’t work. Clients may benefit from ketamine’s short-acting, long-lasting benefits, even after a single dose.

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy combines the power of Ketamine IV treatments with talk therapy. This allows clients to explore their emotions, memories, and experiences that tie them to addiction and accompanying emotional and mental difficulties. Because of its effectiveness within just a few sessions, this therapy is becoming more widely available.

What makes our treatments so effective at Victoria Wellness is how they are intertwined with our evidence-based therapies and holistic treatment process.

The experienced, educated, and caring staff at Victoria Wellness are here 24 hours a day to help and support you.

“***** I went for severe depression and participated in the KITE program. The ketamine sessions were a great opportunity for me to process the trauma I had experienced. The Ketamine assisted psychotherapy sessions were essential in my recovery. I would recommend Victoria Wellness to anyone who is suffering.”

Terri FrancisKetamine Assisted Therapy for Severe Depression

How Inpatient Ketamine Assisted Therapy Helps Treat Mental Health Issues


Ketamine therapy has been approved for use with drug-resistant depression, anxiety symptoms, and PTSD, as well as using ketamines for addiction.



Any good therapy is better than none of course. Our in-patient residential treatment is much more immersive, a retreat-like intensive. The anti-depressant effects of our therapies help you reset, practice, and be totally free to focus on yourself, without the usual people, places, and distractions, including electronics. There is also the offering and accepting of support from fellow health seekers and being in beautiful natural surroundings which have been found to be inherently inspiring and uplifting.

We believe that with our comprehensive holistic range of treatments, we can achieve the best possible results currently available by combining integrated, evidence-based methods along with those only accessible via Ketamine-induced “non-ordinary states of consciousness”.

Who Is Eligible for Ketamine Treatments?


In general, most people are good candidates for Ketamine therapies. A few conditions require special consideration and MAY make someone ineligible for this specific treatment, such as:

• Uncontrolled high blood pressure
• Certain serious heart conditions
• History of Bipolar Mania, hallucinations due to schizophrenia, and severe dissociative disorders such as multiple personality disorder

Otherwise, most medications do not negatively interact with Ketamine Treatments, including antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and medications used to treat common health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.


Inpatient Ketamine Therapy Retreat one hour east of Toronto at Victoria Wellness - Row of Stones in calm water

Ketamine Therapy for PTSD


A growing body of research also supports the use of ketamine for treating PTSD. The anti anxiety and antidepressant effects of ketamine can have a positive effect on stress response, traumatic memory, and physical symptoms of trauma.  A study showed 75% improved their mood 4 hours after their first session.

Ketamine Therapy for Depression


Ketamine is well known as an effective depression treatment. It’s helpful for reducing general depression symptoms, as well as suicidal thinking. It also helps people who struggle to feel pleasure, a key feature of bipolar disorder.

Ketamine can be a useful alternative for “treatment-resistant” depression. This means that even people who haven’t had success with traditional depression treatment may benefit from the method. It’s short-acting, and its benefits can last for a long time, even after a single dose.

KITE – Ketamine Integrated Therapy Experience


We are leaders in the field of mental health recovery.


Our clients are able to move past recovery and be recovered.  As part of our 45-day or longer residential treatment program, your treatment can be combined with our evidence-based therapies as well as our holistic offerings for a more comprehensive transformational process. You can get better and you can start at Victoria Wellness!