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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) occurs after an individual experiences a threatening, traumatic or triggering event. PTSD is diagnosed when you’ve experienced an event that leads to symptoms which last for more than one month. Symptoms of PTSD include: recurring memories/nightmares (flashbacks), heightened reactions to stimuli, increased fear, shame, guilt or anger, avoidance of people or situations, numbness, loss of interest in familiar activities, increase in anxiety and/or fear, difficulty experiencing positive emotions such as love and pleasure, difficulty concentrating and sleep issues. While PTSD can affect anyone, it is more common in professionals like first responders, child protection and health care workers due to the type of exposures at their jobs. We understand that PTSD can have a dramatic impact on the lives of those who are struggling and can look different for each individual. Victoria Wellness, PTSD Inpatient Treatment Center, works with you, by providing resources and techniques to manage and help you on your journey.  With our support, you will begin to build the distress tolerance necessary to face the traumatic events in your past.


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Skill-Based Programming


At Victoria Wellness, we treat PTSD utilizing a variety of therapy modalities.  Clients are encouraged to engage in various treatment approaches that we offer.  Each client is assigned a highly skilled, psychotherapist, with expertise in trauma.  Individual sessions are offered two times a week, and this is where complex emotions, flashbacks, emotional suffering, and family/relationship issues are discussed.

We believe it is important for those experiencing PTSD to engage in skill based programming, to learn more about trauma and how to manage their symptoms. As such, clients attend psychotherapy group sessions weekly that consist of cognitive (CBT) and dialectical (DBT) behavioural therapy.  Additionally, we offer life skills, trauma wellness, eco-therapy and art/physical education groups with an qualified group facilitator.  These groups focus on better understanding trauma and the brain/body, building coping mechanisms to deal with stress, anger management, relationship skills and understanding and managing addiction.  Through these programs clients are able to successfully address symptoms of PTSD and achieve long term results.

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