Reviews from our clients

for Victoria Wellness Mental Health Treatment Centre

and Luxury Retreat in Gores Landing, Ontario



A. L.

The time spent with you and your team was a perfect!
I’ve been trying to out some of the tools into place that you gave me and so far, I’m living a much more peaceful life I’ve realized that somethings I can control just from my reaction to them and others will still need work.



“My time here at Victoria Wellness has given me the skills and tools I need to continue on my healing journey. My individual therapy sessions and CBT group sessions were extremely helpful. The staff are extremely supportive, and the environment is very inviting. The routine followed each day offers a supportive way to ease in without feeling pressure. I began to focus more on myself and perhaps found an even stronger, more fulfilled self. Thank you for all your help.”


“I had incredible change over the past few weeks in feel and function! Staff Tanya and Jorma really are in tune with the clients, both are highly qualified and caring. Jessica and Andrea are incredible assets to the business. The location is peaceful and beautiful, could not be more perfect. The serene location is amazing.”

M. W.

“As the Principal of a busy school, it is important that I am healthy and able to manage a large staff. I always encourage my staff to be mindful of looking after the mental health of the students in their care but also to look after their own mental health. During these unprecedented times, I found that children and adults alike are dealing with more stressors than ever before.

Over the years I did a great job of hiding my high functioning anxiety that had plagued me. With many demands in my life, I was sick and tired of feeling this way and was willing to try something new.. a new approach to my wellness. In the past, I had tried talk therapy and found that it was never truly effective in resolving the underlying issues that I had buried deep down. I tried various ways to manage the anxiety including yoga, meditation, going to the gym, and medication! Nothing seemed to be really working. I heard about a different type of therapy called EMDR.

As a Principal of a busy school, I have a new-found respect for looking after my own mental health. In just a few short sessions I have found that I am less anxious, sleeping better at night, and have a calmer feeling throughout my day. I could unpack childhood memories that seemed to contribute to my anxious personality! And finally, for the first time in years, everything made sense. I would highly recommend the Victoria wellness group, their staff are highly trained and well educated. The facility is welcoming and calming.”


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***** “Staff, food, and building were awesome.”

Joe Andersson

***** “I recently completed a 5 week stay at Victoria Wellness. The staff were great! I really appreciated Andrea, she has an amazing way of connecting with clients and getting the programming across to us. The food was great. The days were structured with an appropriate amount of down time. I felt heard and seen at the centre, not just a number. I liked the small groups, they allowed me to really learn how to change my mental health for the better. I will take part in the after care program.”

Joan Campkin

***** “Really helped me with my mental health issues. I loved the combination of psychotherapy and holistic approaches to heal myself. I was able to really focus on my core issues and I feel stronger after completing my stay. Staff, food and building were awesome. Thank you for all your help! Keep up the great work!”

Terri Francis

***** “I went for severe depression and participated in the KITE program. The ketamine sessions were a great opportunity for me to process the trauma I had experienced. The Ketamine assisted psychotherapy sessions were essential in my recovery. I would recommend Victoria wellness to anyone who is suffering.”