Sexual Assault Therapy

Sexual Assault Therapy


According to Statistics Canada, one in three women and one in eight men will be sexually violated at some point in their lifespan.  While it is very difficult to measure violent crime, and, in particular, sexual violence, we do know that the impacts of this type of victimization can be significant and long-lasting.  We understand that there is a significant link between victimization and addiction, and that addiction or substance misuse can look different for different people.

Sexual Assault Therapy at Victoria Wellness Mental Health Luxury Retreat Ontario - Great Room

Sexual Assault Therapy in a Trauma-Informed Setting


Our clinicians have considerable expertise in the area of treating sexual violence, for both men and women. Victoria Wellness is a trauma informed setting, where clients are able to feel safe in their healing process, and treatment is individualized based on individual needs and trauma history.  Sexual violence can lead to a variety of mental health and addiction symptoms, and Victoria Wellness staff are trained to support your healing as a survivor.

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