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Panic Disorder and Panic Attacks 


At Victoria Wellness Panic Disorder Inpatient Treatment Program we understand the devastating nature of this ailment for anyone who has experienced panic attacks or disorders, as well as the challenges faced by individuals who are seeking to cope with these symptoms on their own, and may find themselves struggling with substance misuse or other challenges.  We take a gentle, emotion focused approach to understanding panic, and use mind and body therapies to help lessen the impact of the panic attacks, and provide relief.  Using both Emotion Freedom techniques and somatic/polyvagal therapies, clients find their symptoms reduced, and their level of distress greatly lessened.

Panic Disorder Inpatient Treatment Center Ontario

Calming Your Symptoms of Fear


According to world renowned researcher, Bessel van der Kolk, “Panic symptoms are maintained largely because the individual develops a fear of the bodily sensations associated with panic attacks” (The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, 2014). Simply put, panic attacks are related to a fear of the symptoms in the body, and through gaining connection to, and comfort with one’s own body, clients can increase their ability to manage these disruptive symptoms or episodes.  Panic attacks are very frightening, and can take on many different forms, including fainting, chest pains, and hyperventilation.  The link between panic and trauma is undeniable, and we use cutting edge research and treatment methods to support people.  While debilitating, you can recover from Panic attacks.  Individual psychotherapy, breathwork, EFT and EMDR, are all aspects of the treatment at Victoria Wellness which can help you.

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