Depression Rehab & Mood Disorder Treatment Program

Depression/Mood Disorders

Depression is one of the leading causes of employment and relationship disruption.  There can be many  factors related to an individual experiencing depressive symptoms and at Victoria Wellness, we understand the suffering and shame people often feel when experiencing this often devastating ailment.  We approach treatment using a person-centred, strength based approach and often incorporate a number of holistic and traditional treatment modalities.  Treatment resistant depression often has many facets, and causes, and we will work with you to better understand the roots of the symptoms, and to provide results oriented support.

Individualized Therapy & Activities

When clients are struggling with Depressive symptoms, they benefit greatly from the activity based model at Victoria Wellness, including the ability to authentically connect to nature and be on the water.  Ecotherapy allows our clients to nourish mind and body, and our cognitive behavioural group model supports our clients to shift thinking patterns. Individual psychotherapy supports clients to connect to their authentic emotions, understand the impact of life experiences, and build the skills to manage and alleviate symptoms.

Our Individualized therapeutic assessments are designed for each residential client

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